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ECI approach to helping children and families.

Early intervention provides immediate and long-term benefits for children and families.

ECI’s approach:

  • Specialized in infants and toddlers
  • Provides services individualized to the needs of each child and family
  • Involves families in services that incorporate therapeutic intervention strategies in their child’s daily routines.
  • Utilizes an interdisciplinary team of licensed or credentialed professionals.
  • Includes measureable outcomes
  • Provides services in the home and community settings
  • Provides case management for all families.
  • Assist families in transitioning to other services after the child turns three

Important Information about ECI:

  • Parents and professionals work together as a team.
  • As part of the team, you help develop a plan for ECI services. These services will show you how you can help your child develop. You are your child’s best teacher.
  • Services are provided in places convenient for families.
  • ECI provides services in familiar places, such as your home or your child’s day care center.
  • We believe children learn new skills best during everyday activities.
  • ECI team members, from a variety of backgrounds, work together with you to
    find learning opportunities for you to help your child within daily routines such as bath time, mealtime, or playtime.
  • Services are coordinated with other providers in the community.
  • ECI works with doctors, child care providers, social services, schools, and others to help your family identify and access important resources. Families have someone from ECI assigned to work with them to coordinate services.
  • Families of all income levels can receive ECI services.
  • Families are expected to share in the cost of services. However, no family is turned away because of an inability to pay.

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