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Developmental Red Flags

  • Cannot bend arms or legs
  • Does not smile, move or look at you when you talk or play with her
  • Does not want to be held
  • Does not make sounds by 3 months
  • Does not babble by 6 months
  • Has tantrums that last 20 minutes or longer
  • Breaks things on purpose
  • Hurts or bites other people
  • Does not look at your when you call her name
  • Does not play with toys
  • Flaps hands, rocks or sways over and over
  • Does not point at object he wants
  • Has no words by 12 months
Any Age
  • Is fussy and cries a lot, even when not tired or hungry
  • Has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Does not notice people
  • Is unhappy most of the time
  • Any loss of speech or babbling, or social skills